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2019 Word of the Year - BALANCE

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


I'm back after an insane holiday retail season.

New Years is often a time of setting resolutions, but this year I'm choosing a theme for the year - BALANCE.

I love this image for balance because he's not trying to carry everything at once - he gets something going and moves onto the next thing until the first plate needs attention again. He also has an assistant - he's not expected to carry the burden alone.

Life is like this - sometimes a booth at one location needs attention so I fix it until something else needs work. Sometimes my kids need me more than my business does. Sometimes it is my husband that needs me for a time to reconnect. Sometimes my family gets spinning just right and allows me to focus on business (can you say holiday in retail). So my goal this year is to keep things in balance so that no part feels neglected.

What word or phrase defines how you are want to tackle 2019?

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