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2021: Hope for a New Year

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

In 2019 I picked a word for the year – a concept to keep myself focused and that word was “Balance”. I came to realize that much like the plate spinner, balance only happens when we are in motion, attending to the various areas of our lives. Too much time spent on one plate means the others slow and falter. In 2020, although not published on my blog, I picked “Resiliency” because of I realized that after all the changes for my family in 2019 I could survive and even thrive amidst great change. Damn ironic to pick that one for 2020, but also it kept me in good stead. I reminded me that I had already survive changes in my life and this was just one more thing and to fall apart at this point seemed a little ridiculous. So when days were dark and things felt impossible or at least darn hard I reminded myself that I am resilient and that I have faced hard things before – this just had a different face on it.

So now we are at the beginning again – really just a new chapter in the book. What would I title this chapter known at 2021? There is only one word that comes to mind, and that is “Hope”. Globally we are entering the 2nd year of the Covid-19 pandemic, but new hope is presented in the form of vaccines. In the US, a new president is set to take office. I think regardless of how you voted, a new relationship we can also look upon with hope. So this year I hope to see smiles, not masks. I know at times, all we have is hope. Keep that hope inside you, fan itself flames and spread that flame around so that others may see the hope as well. I hope we lift each other up in love and support, rather than tear each other down, seeing only the differences between viewpoints or economics.

One of the wood quilts I made in December represents this idea of hope. Stars have long been a symbol of new direction – sailors looked to the stars to navigate. The compass rose is in fact an 8 pointed star. Astrologist look to the stars for auspicious times. During the years of the Underground Railroad, slaves escaping to the north were told to “follow the drinking gourd” (a reference to the north star and the little dipper constellation). A star led the wise men to see the baby laying in a manger. Stars lead us forward in new directions and we wouldn’t be moving in a new direction if we didn’t have hope for something better. Do we not wish upon the stars when we dream of something better for ourselves? This barn quilt was built as a visual representation of the hope I have for the new year.

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