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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

When I first got my gelli press I was watching lots of Carolyn Dube you tube videos to get a feel for best practices. She talks about O.O.P.S. Outstanding Opportunities Presented Suddenly. I love this take on “mistakes”. Instead of getting frustrated by mistakes or setbacks we can look at them as opportunities.

On Saturday I woke up with a stiff neck – not just any stiff neck, but so bad that I couldn’t lift my right arm without bringing tears to my eyes. Moving and painting furniture wasn’t going to happen if I couldn’t lift my arm. I had my hubby rub some of my All Better Balm on my neck and shoulders and took same ibuprofen and prayed. I took this OOPS and sat down on the couch to watch tv with my youngest – something I don’t do often since I am always working on something. Eventually I felt like I could move from a seated position, but moving that arm was still extremely painful. I really wanted to finish up the current batch of journal pages, but knew I couldn’t reach for supplies with only one hand. The opportunity presented itself to ask my youngest if she wanted to help me paint. She was delighted to be included. She picked colors and tools and I applied them and took the prints. I never would have included her in the print making process if I hadn’t needed help. OOPS wound up meaning quality time spent with my daughter.

The OOPS also gave me the chance to support a few local businesses – first the Rosemary Spa, about a mile from my house. I was able to make a late afternoon appointment for body and reflexology work. By the end of the session, I could move my arm without tears! Then onto the next local business to get some yummy dinner with the family since cooking wasn’t happening either. I could have let that pain ruin my day, but by thinking about it as an OOPS, I was able to recognize that it presented opportunities for something different.

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