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A New Use for Coconut Oil

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Every once in awhile I come across something that is so amazing that I have to shout to the rooftops about its amazingness.   (Yes I know that's not really a word.)  Many people use coconut oil for its health properties both for cooking and in body products and I do those things too.   Its one of the ingredients in my lip balms (I'm so excited to be able to sell these soon!), but this is one of those unexpected uses.

A friend recently told me she rubs it on her hands after staining furniture and then washes her hands and NO MORE STAIN.   I cant' tell you how often my hands have been stained in whatever color I am working with that day (and yes I know I should wear gloves, but I can never find them).   It works better than nail polish remover, mineral spirits, etc and with the added bonus that it doesn't dry out your hands like the chemical solvents do.

That's it, short post.   I've got to get back to designing my lip balm display for the store - it opens in 2 weeks!!!

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