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A sweet little cabinet.

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


There is something about a record cabinet that I find appealing.  I'm no audiophile, and in fact with two little girls making noise all day I prefer to work in the silence when I get the chance, but there is something so sweet about these little cabinets.  My favorite part of this lovely record cabinet are two small cups in the top drawer designed to hold record needles.   It is a nod to its origins, even if it winds up being used as a side table or a wine cabinet.

I found this one at a garage sale with a really bad white paint job.   Even worse to me than the bad paint job was that no attempt had been made to fix or even level out where the original veneer was missing.   This little lady needed some love.   Even though I planned to use chalk paint, I stripped her down to se

e what was underneath, to see if the veneer could be salvaged in some way.   The answer was no, and I removed it altogether, but I enjoyed getting to know this little beauty and see all the fashion changes she'd been through.   In some ways it was like looking back at a high school year book and you cant' believe you wore those clothes or had that hair style.   Once I stripped her down to the basics it was time to give her a fresh look.

With the veneer removed from the top I was able to stain the top in "Kona" and paint the sides in chalk paint.   This was my first attempt at making my own chalk paint (I love that it infinitely expands my color palette) and I'm pleased with the results.   The homemade chalk paint distressed easily.  I'd done some research online and ultimately chose the calcium carbonate recipe.   The only tricking part I'd heard was locating a source for the powder, but even that was easy thanks to Amazon.    Once she (I'm not sure why I always think of furniture as ladies, each with their own personality) was painted she just called out for a bit of design.   I stenciled on the designs, using the drawer pulls as the anchoring point for each design.

I couldn't be happier with the way she turned out.   Let me know what you think.

P.S. It took less than a week to sell.  WOOT! WOOT!

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