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As Promised - Bath Bomb Recipe

A few weeks ago I promised my bath bomb recipe, to soften the blow of no longer making these products for sale. I've taught this as a class a few times (pre-Covid era) and its a fun way to bring people together. The basis for the fizz is the mixutre of an acid (citric acid) and a base (baking soda), which makes this a fun and practical way to teach science. They also make great stocking stuffers.

There are lots of recipes out on Pinterest - this recipe is an amalgamation of recipes I've tried over the years. I've had customers rave that this was better than Lush. I've included my prefered combinations of Essential Oils as well. I hope you enjoy.

Bath Bomb Recipe

Makes 3-4 large bombs or 48-60 shower bombs (depending on mold size - I used a wilton's silicon flower mold)

I usually double a recipe for bath bombs. For shower bombs I would half the recipe to fill one mold sheet


  • 1 cup citric acid

  • 1 cup baking soda

  • ½ cup cornstarch

  • ½ cup coconut oil (I prefer room temp in the summer, sometimes in the winter months you have to melt it a little)

  • Essential oil(s) - see below recipe

  • Silicone molds or paper cupcake liners

  • Color Dye (optional - it helped me tell my flavors apart.)


  1. Mix citric acid and baking soda together (I found a pastry cutter worked best for getting the lumps out of the baking soda). Add in cornstarch - again cutting with with pastry cutter

  2. Cut in Coconut Oil until the mixture is like damp sand and will clump together when pressed together

  3. Add Essential Oils (see scent guides below)

  4. Add dye

  5. Press into round mold halves - slightly over filling, the smoothing together. Carefully unmold the bomb - Do this over the bowl so that if it falls apart you can try again without losing your mixture.*

* If it is too crumbly, at more oil. If it is too wet, add more cornstarch.

EO Flavor Combos

Cold and Sinus 2

  • Eucalyptus 25 drops, Lavender 25, Tea Tree 20, Peppermint 15, Lemon 15

  • Dyes (Yellow 24 drops, Blue 10, Green)

By the Sea

  • EOs (Cedarwood 30, White Fir 20, Lime 10, Lavender 10, Rosemary 5, Frankincense 5)

  • Dyes (Blue & Aqua)

Summer Bliss

  • EOs (Eucalyptus 20, Peppermint 20 Citrus Bliss 20, Lemongrass 10)

  • Dyes (Yellow 30, Red 20)

Coffee Shop (SB)

  • Coffee (40), Vanilla (5), Ginger (5), Clove (5), Cardamom (5), Cinnamon Bark (5), Nutmeg (5), Frankincense (5)

  • Dye – premix Seafoam, Tangerine and a few drops of green

Lemon Meringue

  • EOs (Lemon 40, Vanilla 15)

  • Dyes (Yellow)

Rose Vanilla

  • EOs (Rose 40, Vanilla 15)

  • Dyes (Red 40)

Exotic Nights

  • Vanilla 40, Sandalwood 40, Wild Orange 20, Ylang Ylang 15, Clove 10

  • Dyes (Yellow 10, Gold 20, Orange 20, Red 10)

Citrus Burst – SB (x2)

  • Tangerine (15), Wild Orange (15), Grapefruit (15), Lemon (15), Bergamot (15)

  • Dyes (yellow & orange or peach)

Lush Lavender

  • Lavender (40), Frankincense (15)

  • Dyes (purple)

Walk in the Woods

  • White Fir (30), Cypress (30), Cedarwood (30)

  • Dye (dark green)

Love Notes

  • Ylang Ylang (20), Sandalwood (20), Vanilla (20), Wild Orange (20)

  • Dye (wine)

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