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Back in the Groove

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Summer was a whirl wind - back in June I wrote that I was still alive and kicking, but since then I've left you hanging.

Now that schools back in session I'm back in gear.   I sent my oldest off to the school on the bus for the first time on Monday (I didn't think I'd cry but I did - kindergarten is a big deal) and I took my youngest to her first year of preschool.    Oh the blessed silence in my house for a few hours.   Late in July we took our usual trip to Wyoming and of course I had to stop in at Owl in Attic and Bart's Flea Market in Laramie.   Lots of treasures came home with us.    When we got home I realized I simply couldn't work in my space - it was far too cluttered to be function and thus the month of August I spent rearranging furniture and cleaning up my work space (one of them anyway).   Now the couches are back in the playroom and out of my workshop (where they picked up a few paint splatters) and I have room to move again.    Its amazing how taking the time to clean up and create a fresh slate stirs up the creative juices.

Since I was on a roll I decided a yard sale was in order to get rid of the baby toys, furniture projects that didn't make the cut, that old popcorn maker that sounded cool but just took up space on the laundry room table, etc.   Speaking of the laundry room, that got a make over in my cleaning spree - no longer a giant 6ft table the collects crap we don't know what to do it is organized with shelves.     I'm hoping that I can keep my momentum going and clean out the back room (that's supposed to be my craft room) and turn it into my sewing room.

The sewing bug has hit hard and I'm taking advantage of the creative energy to make small items to sell in my booth at Black Barrel Vintage Co.   I'm also looking to expand my business and am actively looking for a second location for a booth.   Stay tuned for more info to come on that.   My first batch of items for the shop were sweet little card holder/mini wallets (see pictured above) as well as hot pocket warmers.    For now though I've got the dining room off limits to everyone as I sew like a fiend (even made a set of napkins for myself, as a reminder that I'd like to be able to eat in the dining room by Thanksgiving.

In the mean time I've posted pictures of all the furniture project I'd been behind on posting and once I get my photo booth back up there will be a couple more items to add.  

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