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Big Changes


I'm finally catching my breath as a few months of enormous change have taken their toll.  Sorry for being away from the blog for so long, but life has been crazy (good) for me and its kept me hopping.

In early February I got all official and registered Butterfly Lady Designs as a business with the state of Washington.   I also became a vendor at BeadleBug Vintage in Everett.    Suddenly this wasn't a little something I was doing for fun, but as a real business.  I became an business owner (SCARY!).   Just a month after being a vendor in Everett, I heard of a new place opening in my home town of Monroe, so I jumped at the chance.    Two days after I signed the contract for the new store, I got notice that Beadle Bug was closing its doors after losing their lease.    While I was super bummed I also know that things happen for a reason.   

March was a whirlwind of moving my furniture from one store to another and learning the business of "smalls".   On April 1st Junk in the Ol' Truck opened its doors.   The gals that own the store took their own leap of faith from being vendors to owning a store.   They have been amazing to work with and its been so much fun to see what all the other vendors do.   One of the days when we were setting up our booths there were half a dozen women all setting up their booths and using power was an awesome vibe to be part of.

Within two weeks of the grand opening of Junk in the Ol' Trunk the other half of the building became available for lease and there were other interested parties, but the store wanted to be bigger all ready, so just a few weeks after setting up everything, I got the opportunity to expand my square footage and take part of a window display area.   Its an amazing opportunity and the gals running it are so supportive of their vendors.   All ready it feels like a family and everyone working together.   Last night we had our Friends and Family soft open for the expansion.   All the booths are getting great feedback and the store seems to be taking off.

So if you are ever in Monroe, Washington come check us out.

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