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Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Last month I promised to be better about keeping my blog up to date.  Each week I composed blog articles in my head.....but somehow I don't make the time to sit down to write them.

In my head, I had a great post about how 2 weeks into the school year and the kids are bringing home colds and it inspired me to get make a fresh batch of Immune Support Lip Balm.   That then led to other fall/winter flavors and before I knew it I had Immune Support, Pumpkin Spice, Cocoa Mint, Spiced Chair and Cafe Mocha to add to my standard plain and Lavender lip balms.

In the midst of all the lip balm craziness I sold a bunch of furniture at Black Barrel Vintage Co as well as privately, which used up the stash of finished items I had to replace sold items in my booth.   So I started stripping, sanding, staining, painting and sealing like a mad woman.   And then came two custom orders in the same day.  I love custom orders, but these wanted me to source the items for them in addition to painting.  Good thing I have the resources to take on the added challenge.    The first job was to recreate my blue buffet since she fell in love with in and missed buying it by two hours.   The second job was a mid century low boy with stained drawers, top and legs (see picture below)#@.   These project were very different but lots of fun to work on and I am very please with how they came out.

In between coats of paint and stain I was back at my sewing machine working on scarves for the cold season.   I found some batik material that I love.   Winter in the Pacific Northwest is a study in browns and dark winter clothing is depressing - that's when I long for bright splashes of color to warm my soul.

Now that my custom orders are done it is time to turn my focus to the Holiday season.   In the retail world, Christmas goes up the day after Halloween and I'm not ready yet.   I've got two weeks to get all my Christmas stuff prepped and displays - wish me luck!

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