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Color is IN!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


As we move into 2017 I'm noticed some big changes in the design world.    Color is making a big come back.    Pantone's Color of the Year, "Greenery", is a bright, vibrant green with yellow undertones.    Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year is  "Shadow" and their new palette features rich earthy tones, in greens, burgandy and dark blues mixing into the neutral palettes we've seen in past years.   In 2017 Navy is the new black.   In addition to colors coming back, gold and copper tones continue to come to the forefront of the metallics, giving more options than chrome and nickel.    Its not just color coming back - its patterns too.   You can mix and match and go wild with patterns (keep your color family similar so it at least coordinates).

I can't tell you how excited I am by this.   As a furniture artist, its not much fun painting everything white.   I try to push the boundaries with color were I can while still producing what the market wants.   Its hard to get excited by beige and gray - even with the fancy name of greige.

Speaking of "Greenery", upcycling is still a big trend as we all try to be green and have a smaller impact on planet Earth.   Shop vintage or upcycle stores for some great deals and one of a kind items.   You'll not only be "reusing" and "recycling" but you'll be supporting a small business.

The other trend I'm excited to see is the mix and match.   No need to stick to one particular era or style of decorating - go where your heart takes you.   You love that Art Deco chair with the mid century table - no problem.   I promise the fashion police won't come after you.   Feel free to mix antiques with contemporary pieces.   Go ahead and pick up that funky chest you saw or fun end table and don't worry if its the same genre as your other furniture.   If you love it, that's all that matters.

Its about personalizing your space.   You don't need to buy a room in a box to get it right...just do what feels right for you.   Find an accent pillow for a small pop of color or go big with a couch or paint the wall.   Just have fun with your space.

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