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Embracing Bohemian Style

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Bohemian or “Boho” style is coming back around for home décor.  But what exactly defines the bohemian style? 

According to, “Bohemian decorating is original and personal. It is about turning the mundane into chic decor with vintage items and lots of creativity.  ”Bohemians” are technically people who live non-traditional lifestyles and reject social conventions; such as artists, writers and musicians.

“Its style is chaotic, loud and also bold; it is unusual and generally unmatched.” according to  It is no wonder after years of white washed farmhouse style, we are seeking to imprint our homes with color and pizzazz.  That doesn’t mean no white, there are some great boho styles that use white and one other color to highlight each piece and still give the eye a place to rest. 

There is no one “right” way to be bohemian.  It is a very eclectic style with influences from around the globe.    The best definition of bohemian is that it is about the story and each part your home should tell your story.

Key Elements that define that bohemian style include:

  • Causal, laid back, lush feeling – vintage furniture works well for a worn lived in feeling as long as it looks comfortable and inviting

  • Lots of plants

  • Texture is everything.  It should look plush and soft – Pillows and Velvet are big in this style as are bamboo and rattan

  • Non-traditional art on the wall (such as a collection of objects hung together instead of a picture)

  • Macramé (to hold all those plants)

  • Pattern on pattern

  • Textiles are King!  Rugs make the room look inviting, tapesties hung on the wall, fringe pillows and as wall décor

  • Rich saturated colors – typically warm and earthy undertones or bright jewel tones, more modern takes on boho have a lot of white and neutrals to help balance the bright colors.

  • Strong global influence (think Moroccan, Mexican or tribal designs)

Where to find “boho” style items?  Start with a small vintage shop or flea market – avoid mass produced malls.  Remember this style is about personality and telling a story.   This style takes time to unfold with each new find or adventure, add to your story.  Its easy to get overwhelmed with this style because its anything goes, remember to curate your rooms just as any good editor would edit the words to make sure they are telling the story well.

As with any design style, don’t get too caught up in the name or trying to make it just right.  If you love something, it will work in your home because your home should be a reflection of who you are.  No two bohemian homes will be alike, which is my favorite thing about the boho style – it is a reflection of your personality, style, and history.

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