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Finding Balance In A Sea of Change

The cooler temps and rain this past week were a welcome respite from the heat and smoke plaguing our valley. Signs of fall are all around us and the fall equinox is only a few days away. The equinox is always a good time to consider the theme of balance. I have learned over the years that balance is motion, not stasis. Just like you can’t balance a bike unless you are in motion, so too is maintaining balance in life.

This July I finally came face to face with “The Rona”. Even vaccinated I knew I couldn’t avoid it forever; it was only a matter of time before I caught it. Due to the vaccine my case was mild, but the effects continue to linger. Fatigue is my constant companion. Yesterday after dropping my daughter at school, a run to the bank and a few yard sales and I needed a nap. I’m working as able, mostly trying to get prepared for the holiday season so that I don’t get so behind when the time comes. I get so frustrated with my body not working the way I want it to. Its so easy to get stuck thinking this will be my forever. I simply think back to when my fibromyalgia started and I felt hopeless. I have to remember that at some point I may have more energy, but that just isn’t today.

With more attention given to my health, so other area of my life has to give way, at least for now. After considering my product offerings, both in terms of what is most profitable, and what I enjoy making the most, I’ve decided to discontinue my bath and body products. What remains of my bath bombs will stay at Black Barrel. My lip balm and body butter stock will go to My Eclectic Home, but I will not be making any more – at least not this year.

I considered holding classes on bath bomb making, like I did before the pandemic, but I realized I cannot commit to more things that take energy. As a thank you to my loyal customers I will be posting my bath bomb recipe in another blog posting in the next few weeks.

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