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Furniture Makeovers

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Some days I feel like I'm hosting the furniture version of "What Not to Wear".   A few weeks ago I came across a knotty pine dresser at Goodwill and snagged it in heartbeat.   In my head I could hear my furniture fashionista say "oh no, that knotty pine look has to go darling.  That look has been out for ages.   Some fresh stain, a little chalk paint and you'll look fabulous."   (Yes I know I have odd voices in my head but they make it so much more

Feeling inspired by the custom project I did in February I decided to go for the same look on this dresser and am thrilled out it came out.   Wood is back in style and the farmhouse look is very popular.   I love the contrast of the white paint with the dark wood - it really pops even with neutral tones.    The color lover in me never thought I'd think white could pop!   I'm sure at some point this look will become dated and it will be redone once again.   I love flipping furniture because its my contribution to "being green".  It keeps old furniture out of landfills.   Good solid wood furniture is a great candidate for a flip because they hold up to anything and are built to last.

My furniture fashionista came out to play again while staging this item for sale.   She (I picture her something like Stacie London from What Not to Wear) was merciless in telling me when accessories weren't working and we went through several items before she was happy with the accessories and deemed it photograph ready.

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