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Gather Round the Table

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


I have this oak table in my kitchen.  It’s nothing special to look at, a pedestal dark oak table with three leaves.    My favorite part of this table is its history.   The family story goes something like this…

My grandmother found this table in a coal bin and being resourceful and not having much extra money for such things, pulled it out of the bin and took it home.   It was used as a dining room table for a bit, then at some point she removed the base and used it as a coffee table.    Somewhere down the line it came to my parents, who had the pedestal restored and leaves made for the table.    This is the table we used daily in our dining room.    I remember a picture of my younger brother as a tow-headed toddler gumming the table with his eye barely able to see over the top.   I remember when our car overheated (I grew up in Arizona) and we were stranded in front of a furniture store while we waited for assistance – as luck would have it that day my parents found the dining chairs they had been searching for to go with the table.   I have great memories of family game nights, playing Rumikub and Hearts around this table.    Christmas dinners with friends and family were spent gathered around this table.   There was the year the Christmas tree fell over on top of the table while the candles from dinner still flickered.  Growing up I loved this table and its history.   I always told my parents that someday I would inherit the table.

Someday came sooner than I thought, but luckily not as an inheritance, but as a gift.   When my mom retired she decided to buy a travel trailer and hit the road.   She sold her house and put a few belongings in storage, and sent me the table.   The timing was perfect.  I’d just purchased my first house with my (at the time) finance.   The next year we hosted our first Thanksgiving around that table.   When our first was born a few years later my mom decided she would refinish the table for me while we were visiting my husband’s family.   I came home to a table that looked fabulous (it definitely needed it after 30+ years of use).    Since then that table has seen my family grow.   My children learned to eat solid food at this table.   My oldest blew out the birthday candles for her 2nd birthday at this table.  This is the table of Saturday morning pancakes, children’s art projects, nightly dinners and where homework happens.   This is a table of family and of memories.

Would a different style of table match better with our mid-century style house? Definitely, but this table isn’t going anywhere – it is part of the family and I look forward to all the memories yet to be made around this table.

If your furniture is well loved, but needs some work to keep it looking good, please call me for a quote.

I’d love to hear your stories of family furniture.

From my family to yours - have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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