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Getting Ready to Move, Lip Balms and Custom Orders - all in a day's work!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted and so much has happened that I'm not sure how to sum it all up in a cute little topic, so bear with me.

First things first, as I announced in my last post, I will be leaving Junk In The Ol' Trunk at the end of the month.   Friends, Kayla and Ashley of Timber and Twine, are taking the store over and I am excited to see what they do with the space.  I am moving to a larger space at Black Barrel Vintage Company at 112 W Main Street, Monroe WA.   The grand opening is set for March 17th.   I got to check out progress on the store yesterday with owner Michelle.   Follow Black Barrel Vintage Co. at to keep up with all the store happenings.

As part of moving I'll be adding a product line of all natural body products.   Friends and family got a preview of my lip balm flavors and "All Better Balm" at Christmas.   These will be available at Black Barrel Vintage Co. in their special body section.    So far I've made Cocoa-Mint, Lavender Fields, Orange Cream, Immune Support and one seasonal flavor.    While these are not furniture related, I've discovered a demand for these all natural products.    Almost 3 years ago I discovered I was allergic to lanolin (I've always had an issue with wool, but didn't realize what was going on).    Lanolin is a very common ingredient in commercial lip balms, including Burt's Bees and Eos.    I started my hunt for a lip balm that didn't contain lanolin and found only pricey (but lovely) balms and with a little research I realized I could make them.   For those of you who aren't local if you are interested in purchasing my lip balms, please use the Contact form on this website, I'd be happy to ship.

In between on the craziness of getting ready for the new store I also picked up a large custom job.   The headboard is done, nightstands are done and waiting for knobs to arrive and the dresser is ready for its next coat of paint, so I'm back to work once I pick up my oldest from school.

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