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Inspired By Doors

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d follow the “green” theme and feature some of my favorite upcycles…after all what better way to be green?

I have a love affair with doors. I have so many doors in my shed, in my garage, etc.   Its one of my favorite things to upcycle.  Doors represent possibilities, mysteries, and opportunities.   An open door is an invitation, a closed door a mystery.   They offer entry or keep the elements out, but also they can be so beautiful.   I hate to pass up a door whenever I see one – so much so that one summer my husband said no more doors!!! (I didn’t listen).

Here is my round up of favorite door upcycles:

Shelves - The first one I did with brackets to use as my bath and body display in my booths 

Corner Shelf Unit Instructions found on

Hall Tree - I made this one using an old door, spindles and brackets I found at a thrift store.

Bench (by Thistlewood Farms)

Headboard (full article on

Coffee Table - this beauty is from Sweet Pickins Furniture

Kitchen Island (like this one from TC Designs)

Bar ​- found on

Porch Swing - this one is by Huckleberry Lane Furniture

Coat Rack - full tutorial on

Doors in the Garden - these photos are courtesy of

Chalkboards - made from cabinet doors found on Refreshed Living

I hope you enjoyed this Door Inspiration roundup.

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