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Its A Woman's Perogative To Change Her Mind


I have to admit I'm having some doubts about a project I'm working on.   This summer I purchased a set of 6 early 1900's quarter sawn oak t-back chairs from an antiques  who was going out of business.   I got them knowing they needed work.  They were pretty wobbly and the chair seats were split underneath the part where the cushion goes.   Hubby even got me a new saw to cut the new seats for them.  (I think he's excited to have an actual table and chairs in our dining room after living here for 2.5 years with no dining furniture).  I have the fabric picked out (courtesy of a crazy sale at Hancock fabrics) and I decided to use a pale grey color with my homemade chalk paint.   There are a number of pictures in our dining room with teals and greys so it seems like a good choice.  

I'm at that point in the project where the doubt sets in.   You know the one that I'm talking about.   The one that sets in as you put that first coat of paint on the wall and you suddenly wonder if you were crazy with your paint choice.   I'm trying to talk myself off the ledge on this one.   I think I'll put them in the dining room and see what hubby thinks.   Maybe it will grow on me or maybe I'll do a dark grey wash on top to get a deeper tone.

This is the part of the creative process we don't usually talk about....the ut-oh what was I thinking part.   I just wanted to put it out there because I know I'm not alone in this.     Hopefully in a few days you'll get an update with a before and after picture depending on what we decide to do with those chairs.

Update Part 1:  After consulting with the hubby we agreed, light grey in a room with white trim just didn't work.   I'm glad I only painted two of the chairs to start with.   Now I've finished the coat of white paint and we've switched up the fabric to a grey and white print I was waiting to put on the right set of white chairs (funny how that works out).   I got the new seats cut today thanks to the jig saw I picked up at an estate sale this morning.  I can't wait to get the first pair assembled once the wax sets...I'll post pictures then.  

Update Part 2:  I finished my first chair tonight and it looks fab (if I do say so myself).   White was definitely the right choice for that room.  I took a picture of the one finished chair next to one of the ones I haven't started yet for a "before and after" shot.

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