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Mixing It Up

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


I've been feeling stuck lately and was trying to figure out what to do to get myself unstuck.   I decided to move out of my comfort zone with the chalk paint and try some milk paint instead.   I think I'm in love!!!   Was I smart and tried some small sample peices first?  Why would I do that.   I decided to take the leap with a whole new medium on a large sideboard.   The picture is only a tease of how this beauty is coming along.....feels great to be excited again.   I am loving the variations within a single color....adding a second shade of the same blue is just kicking it up a notch.    The unpredictable nature of milk paint is a bit nerve wracking but also exciting.  Can't wait to show you the big reveal when I am done.

Update: I love the way this came out. It was a shock of blue on a fairly large buffet. It took to calling it Big Blue. It sat for months and then suddenly I had two customers for it on the same day. The winning customer called in to the store. The other lady wanted it so bad that we worked together to find another waterfall piece to do this same technique on. Even with the same paint, the nature of paint and wood each piece comes out slightly different.

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