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"Mommy, I Want To Help You Paint"

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Most of my projects are done during the day while my kiddos play nearby.   This often leads to my 3 year old asking "Mommy can I help you with your project?"   Today it was letting go of some control and let her paint the 2nd coat on a chair (and quickly following behind her to brush out any glops and drips).   Sometimes I have to find a project that won't make me crazy and let her do something special with me so she doesn't feel ignored in favor of my latest garage sale find.

Thanks to and Jocie Hagan of One Step Closer who posted this fall themed, kid friendly project, I finally had a painting project we could do together and I wasn't worried about how it came out.   Maddy and I went out to the yard to find suitable leaves.   We settled on a hosta leaf for her and a maple leaf for me.    After I rolled, cut and bake the leaves, we had great fun in painting them many shades.  I think I offered at least 7 colors, and of course my girl insisted that pink be one of her options.    I wish I remembered to take a picture of her painting her leaf.  I have to admit that it looked pretty funky until we did the final step and sprayed them with gold paint.   I love the way they look.   The only thing I'm not wild about is that the gold spray paint is still tacky on the bottom and left a print even 2 weeks after made them.  I finally put little rubber feet on the bottom to prevent contact with any of our nice wood surfaces.

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