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Moving Through The Blah Days

Being your own boss is a tricky beast. There are days when I am never "off the clock" and then days like I've had the last few weeks - where finding my motivation is a challenge. You'd think with a show coming up this weekend that I'd be hustling, but I'm finding it hard to push through. I don't know if its the cold dark days of winter or my depression sneaking up on me. Whatever it is, I'm not a fan. Today I got up to get the kid out the door (the other kiddo is sick at home and waiting for covid test results) and then I asked myself "What do I need to do to feel like I accomplished something today?"

That simple question helped me bring into focus what was a priority for me. I immediately sat down, posted a new furniture ad and ordered new cards from Vista Print - a task I'd been putting off for several weeks. I puttered with a few tasks before heading down for a nap. Giving my body the rest it needs is the only way to be ready for whatever it is I hope to accomplish. This afternoon I asked myself again, "What do I need to do to feel like I accomplished something today?" Now I'm cutting the layers for a few more pieces for my show this weekend. One step at a time, pushing through the doldrums, and yet honoring my need for more rest, moving at the pace my body allows.

I'm hoping that its part winter doldrums and part holiday burn out. As today marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox we are already moving towards brighter days ahead.

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