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My Favorite Things - Tools of the Trade

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

This is a recap of the series I did on Social Media this week.

This week I am going to highlight the tools I use beyond paint. No one is paying me for these endorsements, I just find the products useful.

1: Bar Keepers Friend

When possible I prefer to keep original knobs and drawer pulls on furniture. For one thing it means I don't have to invest more money into the makeovers which keeps prices more reasonable. Mostly though hardware styles change over time and finding the right size or style for an item can be tricky, especially with the double drilled pulls unless I want to fill the existing holes and measure and re-drill for new pulls. But existing pulls often come with years of grime. Bar Keepers Friend is the easiest way to clean up old pulls without removing the finish. When doing my green desk makeover last week I spent about 30 minutes spraying and scrubbing the 10 pulls to restore the brass shine. The pull on the left was before cleaning and the pull on the right is after. The toothbrush helps scrub the areas around the handle the larger scrub can't reach.

2. Howard's Restor-A-Finish

I know I have talked about Howard's Restor-a-Finish before, but it absolutely had to be mentioned in this weeks favorite non-paint tools. So easy to use for minor scratches and to restore a beautiful wood finish. Comes in a variety of wood tones. A big labor savings over a full sand and staining/sealing job.

3. Battery Operated Power Tools

I love my Ryobi One+ tools. I use my drill/driver and mouse sander most often, but the saws and nailgun come in super handy as well. My favorite part is all battery based so I never have to worry about plugs and extension cords. I keep multiple batteries charging so I never have to stop for a recharge. The whole system works on the same type of battery. The battery operated leaf blower was super handy this fall to clear our long driveway.

4. All In One Screw Drivers

Yesterday I was all about my power tools. Today I turn my attention to my hand tools. I adore this screw driver (both big and little). They remind me of those pens with all the colors you clicked to choose a color, only in this case a simple twist gives you a different screw head in various sizes. The smaller one comes in handy when changing batteries on the kids toys. I have a slightly different version (manual change with heads stored in the handle) that I keep in the car. I love the convenience of not having to hunt down the box of driver heads.

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