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October is ADHD Awareness Month

October is National ADHD Awareness month. According to the CDC - 11% of children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD and roughly 70% of those will go on to have ADHD as an adult. Currently males are 3x as likely to be diagnosed as females.

There are three types of ADHD. Inattentive (formerly ADD), Hyperactivity/Impulsive, and Combined Type (most common).

ADHD is a brain-based condition that makes it hard to concentrate, use working memory, organize and manage behaviors. Those with ADHD may also be impulsive or hyperactive. These are all issues with executive function. The executive functions include things like time management, planning and executing steps in a larger task, impulse control, organization, etc.

For all ADHD talks about not being able to focus there is one exception - an area of special interest call cause Hyper focus. In some ways being able to hyper focus is a distraction and in other ways its the saving grace. This hyper focus is what allows people with ADHD to pursue careers that they are passionate about. Famous people with ADHD include Simone Biles and Michael Phelps, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Ryan Gosling, Terry Bradshaw, Justin Timberlake, Solange Knowles, Justin Bieber, Richard Branson, Ty Pennington, Howie Mandel, and so many more.

My own daughters have been diagnosed with ADHD (combined type) and I suspect that I may benefit from a diagnosis as well. I've learned to deal with all of these issues during my life. I found in college that if I crotched in class it was easier to pay attention to the professor. I can't watch TV without something to do - so I save certain project for TV time. I'm never going to be neat but I have learned how to keep (sort of) organized. Creating is my passion, but I need variety, hence all the many facets to my brand.

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