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Old Door Upcycled to Wine Rack


I've seen a lot of door upcycles, but I've never seen one like this before.   I wish I could claim credit for the idea, but i bought this at a garage sale for $6 with the holes already drilled.  My husband told me I wasn't allowed to buy anymore doors, but when I found this clever idea I couldn't resist.   When I brought it home I told him it wasn't a door - It was a wine rack that looked suspiciously like a door - she just needed some sprucing up because plain white just wasn't doing it for me.  It just looked dirty, not old and funky.

It sat in my work shed for a few months while I contemplated how I wanted this door to look.    Ultimately the hometalk article written by Big White Goose on Paint Layering and Dry Brushing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint provided the inspiration I was looking for.   I've not yet tried ASCP but I do use other types of chalk paint.  Due the wide variety of colors to achieve this look I used my collection of Waverly Chalk Paints.    I started by lightly sanding, especially the rough edges around holes to keep anyone from getting splinters.  I removed the hardware.  I debated cleaning them up, but loved the patina so I left them as is.   

Then I began by dry brushing a layer of Waverly's "Cashew".  The next layer I mixed together Crimson, Truffle and Pumpkin to create my rust layer.   I love the way Deb Hrabik from keeps the colors separate when laying in the same stroke so that each color in the layer has a chance to shine.   So in this case when I used multiple colors in a single layer I only mixed them minimally so that some of the time more orange or red showed with the rust layer.   The third layer of paint was my aqua layer.   The first time I did my aqua layer it was Peacock, Agave and Celery.   I wish I'd thought to take the time to take more pictures of the process, but have the time I was sneaking in a few minutes to paint while my kids ate lunch or played.

I will confess that my intention was to "dry brush" these layers in but in my first few layers I kept forgetting to wipe the paint off the brush so it went on heavier than intented, but with multiple layers it was a very forgiving process.

After I had my first three color layers down I started again only a little less paint in my dry brush and this time highlighting the corners.   Once I repeated the three layers again I did a layer with crackle medium and then a toned down aqua layer, this time with "Celery, Agave, Hazelnut and Cashew" since the first layer was a little too of a bright blue and I wanted more of a faded aged look.

Once I was satisfied with my paint layers I brushed on three coats of Waverly's Matte Varnish.  I waited for it to dry for 24 hours and then reinstalled the old hinges and door knob.

I couldn't believe how easy dry brushing was and can't wait to use this technique on other projects.  

I'm so tickled with the way this came out.

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