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Passage of Time

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


As usual it has been awhile since I posted…for those of you who like to follow what’s going on I’m much better at Facebook with quick sound bites, rather than sitting down to write a long post.  

In business news I am gearing up for the holidays and have two new items I have debuted this fall.  This first is a set of 4 Tile Coaster, laser engraved and hand painted.  They are now available in all three shops.  The other item is wooden hand painted earrings.  They are large funky shapes and styles and super light.  I got so many comments on the plane yesterday that I was sorry I hadn’t had time to set up sales for them on my facebook page.

Did I say plane?  Yes, I did.  I am in Arizona this weekend celebrating my 20th High School Reunion.  Holy moly! How did that much time pass?  I turned 39 last month and between that and the reunion I’m not sure how I feel about getting into this next stage – the 30’s have been amazing (getting married, having kids, starting this business) so I hope the 40’s are just as awesome.  Its not that I fear getting older, but there is something about marking the passage of time that makes me pause.  Part of it is realizing that my parents are aging and while they are both in good health it makes me realize they won’t be around forever.

Regardless of how I feel about it, time marches on.  After this quick weekend trip its back to the salt mines.   In two weeks, I will be part of Black Barrel Vintage Company’s booth at the Great Junk Hunt, so I’ve got lots of work to do to get ready for that.  Three weeks after that I’ll be setting up my booth at the month-long Christmas Market at Dairyland farms in Snohomish.  The fall and into Christmas is a busy time in the retail world. 

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