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So Many Changes and Yet So Much Remains the Same

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


As usual, its been a while since I posted to my blog (if you want more quickie posts, follow me on facebook and instagram).  You would think that with everyone on lock down I would have nothing to do but write on my blog, but I managed to keep myself busy.  

Back in January or February (before the world stopped) we took the kids to our local Chinese Buffet.  As is often the case, we got fortune cookies with our check.  I remember reading mine and thinking "no thanks, I like where I am at".  The fortune was "You will soon be in a new line of work."  

Fast forward 4 months and I stumbled across that fortune as I was cleaning out my car (I know I'm not the only person who feels like its an archaeological dig when cleaning out the car).  I found it right after I shipped another round of face masks and surgical caps all over the country.  It made me pause and reflect a bit.  While I am still in the furniture business, I've added a number of things to my line as well.  In April I made six packs of wooden Easter Eggs that could be colored and sold them via porch pick up.  I've sewn masks, so many masks.  I made 42 masks as  part of a collaborative effort for a naval deployment, partnered with a friend to makes masks and caps for ER nurses, and sold custom masks locally.  I've made more earrings..

I also discovered a new passion.  The sign market is over saturated, so I have been steering clear of making word signs, but I couldn't resist when I discovered these wooden inlay signs.  Traditionally barn quilts are large painted signs that hang on barns.  My take is a modern wooden inlay, meant to be hung indoors.  Most of my designs are patterned after quilt blocks, but I also enjoy using stain glass patterns as well.  I love playing with different paints, inks and stains to customize each sign.  Pushing my skill set in Illustrator is both frustrating and rewarding as I see my designs come to life on my laser cutter.

Who knew life would be so different and yet, so much the same from just four months ago.

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