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Spring Forward

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


Springing forward seems a little late since daylight savings time change happened last month, but it is still spring so bear with me.

I mentioned in January that big changes were heading this way and boy have they!   At the end of January I moved out of Not Just Antiques after a few months with little sales.    I spent the next two months working furiously to create a stock for my big move to My Eclectic Home in Snohomish.   I scraped and sanded, painted and stained, waxed and sealed a huge number of furniture items because every time I added one to my stock pile for My Eclectic Home another one sold at Black Barrel Vintage Co.  It was a good problem to have, but definitely kept me hopping!

In the midst of this craziness the larger space at Rust & Relaxation in Preston became available and the shop owner jumped at the chance for the larger space.   So I had to deconstruct and move my booth at the end of March.

I took a much need break at the beginning of April to take my girls to Arizona to visit my dad during their spring break.   The picture above is I took at the butterfly enclosure in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.   The desert was in full bloom.  I was tickled to be able to share the beauty of the desert with my girls.

When we got back I dove back into work - it was moving day!  I spent Monday and Tuesday of last week hauling furniture up and down the stairs at My Eclectic Home since my booth is in the loft upstairs.  Naturally I picked the heaviest items possible (actually tried not to, but it sure felt that way).  So now I have three locations in the Seattle area to find my goodies at - please check them out.   I'm pleased to be part of such talented groups.

Black Barrel Vintage Co.   112 W Main Street, Monroe WA

Rust & Relaxation Vintage  30355 High Point Way, Preston WA

My Eclectic Home 916 1st Street Snohomish, WA

I've also been taking classes on social media for business.   Ironic that my website blog gets ignored in favor of these other outlets, but as usual I'm trying to get back to getting things up to date here.   So as things settle back to a more normal pace around here I'm trying to get caught up on what's fallen to the back burner, like my website.   Sorry for the delay but that's what happens when things get crazy.   You get to do the thing instead of talking about doing the thing.   Now to get back to my current project - a custom order to restore a coffee table to its original stain.

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