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Taking it to the Next Level


Things have been busy with school back season.   My oldest is in preschool full time and that gives me a lot more time for my furniture projects instead of referring arguments between the girls.   Back to school time was a great time for me to to head back to the classroom - at least metaphorically.    I've joined a support group for furniture artisans and no, its not the kind of the support group to help us stop shopping garage sales and thrift stores like my husband wishes.    I'm learning so much about staging furniture for sales photos and really taking the business end of the this hobby/business to the next level.   I'm really excited to see learn new skills that can help my business grow.   Its so easy to get caught up in the excitement of sourcing a great piece of furniture and dreaming about colors, but make this business work it was time to step back from the doing and make time for business promotion.

This dresser/night stand combo was my first attempt at stepping up my staging skills to more effectively market my furniture.   I'm really please with how it came out and can't want to figure out how to stage the end table and coffee table I have in my workshop now.

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