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Think Outside the Vase

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


When I buy fresh flowers for my kitchen table my go to vase isn't a vase at all, but a ceramic pitcher from the 60's.  Its a soft pretty aqua and I love the asymmetrical lines of the vase.

Who doesn’t love flowers or plants as part of their décor?  Its so easy to drop a single bud or a whole bouquet in a vase and be done with it, but with just a little more thought you can kick it up a notch by using a pitcher, jug, mason jar, old tin can or other non-traditional vessel.  It’s a great way to incorporate some fun, funky or vintage items in your décor.  Is your favorite container not waterproof?  Just slip a cheap vase inside and no one will be any wiser to your tricks.  

The garden is another great place to experiment with non-traditional decor for a season.

Here is a great photo line up some off the wall ideas to get fresh ideas for your space.

Go ahead I challenge you to think outside the box…I mean vase.

Watering Can

Tin Cans

Cheese Grater

Muffin Tins

Vintage Pitcher

Tool Box


License Plates

Shoes and Boots

Toy Trucks



Salt & Pepper Shakers

Rusty Nails


Painted Glass Lamp Shades

Flour Sifter

Bullet Casings

As you can see anything can be used to show off your style.  Happy hunting!

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