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White - Boring or Serene?


I admit I'm a bit of a color addict.    I once painted the walls of an apartment in salmon, raspberry and dark purple so I could live in a sunset - it was dramatic (and a bitch to paint white when I moved out).   I'm still drawn to color today, dressing in rich jewel tones but I'm learning to appreciate the subtleties of neutrals.   

Sales were down a bit at the shop in June and I chatted with the owners about this - they said that sales were down for the whole shop and they blamed it on graduation season.   Chelsea, on of the owners, mentioned that if I wanted to sell my furniture faster I might consider using white, since white and grey sell the fastest.    I said I would think about it, while inside I was a little child stamping my foot and saying "I don't wanna".     However, I hitched up my big girl panties and went to look over my project stash to see if any of them would be good in white.   I actually found two pieces that I thought would be perfect for white.

The first was a buffet that I'd picked up at an Estate Sale for a song.  (I visited that estate/farm sale 3x in one weekend - more on the headboards I found in the dairy barn in another post.)     I decided to ease into the white.   I stripped the peeling veneer off the top and the two drawer faces.    Those I stained "Candlelight" by General Finishes gel stain.    The body of the buffet I painted in ASPC Old White.   The white body pops the drawers and top, giving it a farm house feel.  I'm very pleased with the way its come out and have gotten some good feedback at the shop.

Over the weekend my grey dresser finally sold, so I decided it was time for another dresser.   This one was a lovely dresser that I picked up at a community garage sale.   Initially I saw it, commented on how lovely it was but passed it by (she wanted way too much and I didn't have that much cash on me as it was the end of the day).   I mentioned it to my husband in passing a we were loading the kids in the car and he handed me the last of his cash and said go ask her if she'll take this since its all we have left.   She agreed and we loaded it up in the car in the pouring rain.

The top needed refinishing if I wasn't going to paint it, but the drawer faces were okay except for a few minor scratches.   I painted the dresser in ASPC Old White and left the drawers for a few days to think if i should polish them or paint them.   Eventually I decided to paint them white as well.   The dresser had a sweet feminine vibe and a lovely carved drawer that would stand out better in white.   I'm pleased with it and finished waxing it this morning.

I can see the value of white, but I love working with color too.   I will admit that while working on the buffet I had a little child sized bench that I painted a rich red to keep my color sense happy.   I felt vindicated by my color choices when 4 soft dark blue chairs sold over the weekend as well.   After two white pieces its time to dive into a bit of color again....I can't wait to pick out my next victim from my stash.

Til next time - what's your favorite color?

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