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Working Vacation


When you love what you do, there is no taking a vacation without involving your passion.   That was certainly the case for me on our most recent trip to Wyoming.

If you remember from my previous blog I mentioned that we went to the Flying X Ranch in May to visit with my husband's parents and I got to do a bit of antiquing in Laramie and Cheyenne.   One of the items we picked up my mother in law decided was perfect for her new house, but she wasn't sure what color she wanted it until she had a chance to get the house put together.   When we went back in August she was ready to make this side table blend in with her new guest room.    I wish I'd remember to take pictures of this table before we painted it, but isn't that always the way it is.   It was bright red and peeling badly with evidence of a previous purple paint job showing under the peeling and not in a cute antique-y character way, but the lines had sold me on the table in May and made her fall in love with it as well.

Now that she'd had a chance to figure out the color pallette of the guest room it was time to give the table a makeover.    I did some research before we went so I knew there was an Annie Sloan stockist in Cheyenne (and yes its still my favorite paint although I'll use others from time to time.)  I'm so glad we took a pillow case from the bed to have our color pallette on hand because she did not pick the shade of paint I thought she would have.   Instead of the Olive color I thought would go with the room, my mother-in-law picked Chateau Grey....let me tell you the photo on the Annie Sloan website does not do this color justice.   It is an beautiful soft sage green color and not very grey at all.   I can't wait to buy this color for my own stash.   She decided that she wanted the spoke details on the side painted in a rusty red to draw attention to the design, so we also bought a small can of primer red for the job.   

In stolen bits of time throughout our week (between horseback rides for my oldest and trips to Bart's flea market for me) I sanded off the flaking paint and gave this old table a beautiful makeover.   The dark wax was key with this project to tone it down from freshly painted to a softer time worn look.   I'm so pleased with the way this table came out and my mother-in-law is so happy with it as well, so a win-win.   Now this bedside table will grace her guest bedroom and I'll get to enjoy it every time we visit.  The week got away from me without any pictures of the final product, so I asked my mother-in-law to send me photos so I could share them with you.


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