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Each package will include three seasonally appropriate dangle earrings to enjoy in the upcoming quarter.  For example the spring months may include floral patterns, Easter images, etc.  The dangle earrings are all 1/8" baltic birch laser cut and hand painted on both sides. The size of the earrings is generally between 1.5" and 1.8" tall before the stainless steel findings are added.


While the designs will be consistant across all boxes, each earring is hand painted, many designs have flexibility in their coloration.  Make sure you indicate your preferred colors below.  (Click here for a link to the 12 seasons color pallette)


Cost of shipping is included in the subscription price.  Orders must be in by the week before the quarter starts (i.e. March 25th for April shipment).


At the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, October) you will receive subscription. 



Club Butterfly Seasonal Dangle Package

Price Options
Seasonal Dangles
Quarterly Payments
$39.99every 3 months until canceled