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Welcome to Club Butterfly

Welcome to Club Butterfly - a earring subscription service.  Join the club to ensure you are getting club only styles at my best prices.  Club designs will be exclusive to the club for one year before they become available to non-club members at the full price.  Dangles are retailing at $15 a piece now, but club members pay only $39.99 for 3 earrings each quarter that are shipped to your door - that's $12 per earring plus $4 in shipping.  That's why these will be quarterly shipments - I want to keep shipping costs down for you.  

Whether you are delighted by dangles or want more subtle studs, we have a pack for you.  Treat yourself or a loved one to some fun mail each quarter. 

How it Works:

At the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, October) you will receive three earrings in your pack.  Orders must be in before the 15th of the new quarter starts (i.e. April 15th for 2nd quarter shipment.

How Do I Join?

Click on the pack type below that tickles your fancy.  The link will take you to the shop page.  Fill out the form - don't forget to indicate color palette so you actually get colors that coordinate with your outfits.  Make sure the subscribe button is checked before you submit your payment.  Wait for the fun to start!

Sample Earrings from 2nd Quarter 2023 Seasonal Dangles Pack

If you love to celebrate all the holidays in grand style this fun whimsical package is for you.

Sample Earrings from 2nd Quarter 2023 Animal Stud EarringsPack

If you are an animal lover this package is perfect for you.  These studs celebrate animals of all kinds.

Sample Earrings from 2nd Quarter 2023 Abstract Dangles Pack

If geometrics or boho is more your style, this is the box for you.  Each quarter you'll receive 3 earrings in various patterns.

Sample Earrings from 2nd Quarter 2023 Seasonal Stud EarringsPack

If you love to celebrate all the seasons, but prefer smaller studs, this is the package for you.

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