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Wood Quilts

My take on wood quilts is a blend of modern technology and traditional quilt patterns.  I design all my patterns on the computer before cutting each piece with my laser cutter.  The precision allows the patterns to fit together like a puzzle.  Each piece is hand painted and glued in place.  

I love to mix subtle wood tones with bright splashes of color, mixing stains, water colors, inks and acrylics.  Each piece is framed and sealed for protection.   

Barn with Barn Quilt

A Brief History

Barn quilts are large wooden squared with quilt block patterns painted on, often with colors or a block associated with a particular family's heritage or business.  The concept of decorating a barn to differeniate a family or business started with folk art.  When paint became available to the masses in the 1830s barn quilts became a vivid way to advertise a farm.  The tradition of the barn quilt was eventually replaced by large painted advertisements.  Barn quilts have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 20 years.  In 2001 an Ohio woman painted a large barn quilt to honor her mother's quilts.  The idea quickly caught on and barn quilt trails have popped up around the American MidWest.

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